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Here you will find instructions and step by step manuals on how to use your website and email. If you can not find what you are looking for, please ask us!

  1. Getting Started

    1. Updating DNS Servers or Name Servers
    2. Setting up your e-mail on Outlook Express
    3. Setting up your E-mail in Netscape/Mozilla
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  2. Your Web Site

    1. How to setup a secure FTP connection
    2. Do you allow a sub domain? Can it be a pointer?
    3. Do you offer Microsoft FrontPage extensions?
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  3. Your Database

    1. DSN and DSN-less Connections - Windows Hosting
    2. Editing MySQL databases (phpMyAdmin)
    3. How do I backup my MySQL database?
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  4. Your Billing

    1. How do I update my Credit Card info or Switch the payment method
    2. What happens if I purchase additional products in the middle of the month?
    3. How do you cancel your service, I can not find it anywhere on the site.
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  5. Your Domain Name

    1. What is the difference between Domain name registration and web hosting?
    2. I tried to transfer my domain name to but my old registrar gives me a hard time, what can I do?
    3. What happens if I don't renew my domain name?
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  6. MacOS E-mail Software

    1. Mail (Mac OS X)
    2. Thunderbird
    3. Netscape/Mozilla
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  7. Adding Actions and Scripts to your Website

    1. Using Cron running tasks automated.
    2. Do you offer telnet or shell access?
    3. What Perl modules are installed ?
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  8. Adding Multimedia to your website

    1. Streaming RealAudio / RealVideo
    2. Streaming MP3 files
  9. Configuring your Hosting Account

    1. Anonymous FTP
    2. Virtual FTP
    3. FTP Subaccounts
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  10. Uploading or Publishing your website using FTP

    1. Using NetObjets Fusion
    2. Using Cute FTP
    3. Uploading using our online File Manager (Webshell)
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  11. Statistics for your Website

    1. Webalizer - what does it all mean?
    2. Awstats Glossary - What does it all mean?
  12. PostgreSQL

    1. Changing PgSQL disk quota
    2. Creating PostgreSQL Databases
    3. Creating PostgreSQL User(s)
  13. Before you Buy

    1. Do I need to buy a domain name from you to host me?
    2. What sort of restrictions are placed on web hosting?
    3. What is web hosting?
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  14. Using Microsoft Expression Web

    1. Publish - Upload via Microsoft Expression Web
  15. Joomla

    1. How to make a certain Joomla install show as your Homepage.
  16. Advanced questions

    1. How can I redirect to automatically?
  17. Wordpress

    1. How to login to WordPress if you forgot your password
    2. How to update your WordPress installation
    3. How to manage plugins in WordPress
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  18. Magento E-Commerce

    1. How to make the menu bar appear in a new Magento install.

    1. Administrative E-Mail change request
  20. General

    2. How to enabled Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11 for SiteStudio
  21. Changing your DNS or Name Servers

    1. Changing your DNS or Name Server at NameCheap
    2. Changing your DNS or Name Servers at OpenSRS
    3. Changing your DNS or Name Servers at StarGate
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  22. Android devices

  23. Default

    1. Customer Login - old system
    2. Quick Connect Tech Support