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Retirement of Urchin

We tried to keep our Urchin system running as long as possible but sadly have reached a point were it needs to be retired.

While the company making Urchin retired the product back in 2012 we wowed to keep it running as long as we consider it safe for your data.

We have reached a point were this no longer can be guaranteed.

Urchin will be retired from our servers on November 28th 2016.


This means that as of November 28th, 2016, you will no longer have a access to our Urchin software. You will no longer be charged for this license and the service will be closed.


We recommend that export your data from Urchin and begin using an alternate statistic software.
Included free in every hosting plan are alternatives such as Webalizer and AWStats.
Many more options are available please contact support for more information.

How do I export my data?

( We suggest to export your data into the tab-delimited format as it is the most flexible. )

To export data from any report, login to Urchin first.

For Word and Excel export, the application should launch automatically after the data is exported, and the new document should be populated with the data you have exported.

Tab: Click the "T" button to export data in tab-delimited format.
Word: Click the Word icon to export data in Microsoft Word native format.
Excel: click the Excel icon to export data in Microsoft Excel native format.

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