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10-Jul-2013 - Emergency Maintenance - 9AM CDT

Emergency Maintenance - Multiple Web Servers - 10-Jul-2013
Date: 10-Jul-2013
Start Time: 09:00 AM CDT
End Time: 09:30 PM CDT
Services affected:,,
Location: DAL01
Duration: 30 minutes

We have identified an issue with a hard drive installed to our storage system that requires the drive to be replaced.

The drive is capable of being hot-swapped, however due to potential OS lockups and possible raid corruption we will be performing this swap during an emergency maintenance window when the system can be brought offline. The downtime for the maintenance should not exceed 20 minutes.


Update 8:52 MDT:

Maintenance is being performed now.

Update 9:26 MDT: 

This maintenance is taking longer than expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing and are trying to resolve this matter as soon as possible!

Update 9:57 MDT:

We have resolved the issue and are now in the last stages of performing the emergency maintenance. Thank you again for your patience!

Update 10:10 MDT:

This maintenance is now complete. We apologize again for the longer than expected downtime. The reason that we decided to perform an emergency maintenance instead of a simple hotswap is that we would have risked a much longer downtime if any complications would have occurred.

The servers affected by this maintenance might perform a little slower than usual while the RAID array is re-building.


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