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Change the DNS or Name Servers

  • Please skip this step if your Domain Name is registered through us.

    In order for your website to be accessed, you need to point your domain name to our servers. To accomplish this, go to the website of the registry that handled your domain registration, and select the option to modify your DNS (Domain Name Server) record.

    These are the target DNS settings:

    Primary DNS server:
    Primary DNS IP address:

    Secondary DNS server:
    Secondary DNS IP address:

    Please enter the DNS settings for your domain as described above. There should be no other DNS servers listed in your registry database except for ours.

    Please Note: Some registries will only ask for DNS Names, not IP numbers.

    * It should take your registry from 24 to 72 hours to process these changes.

    Please do not change the DNS settings for your account in our control panel unless you are an expert in DNS and know exactly what you are doing. DNS files are configured correctly when new accounts are set up, so any improper modifications will cause your website and e-mail to be inaccessible.


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